Cloakroom | Such an invincible cloakroom can match all women!

How to create a woman's favorite cloakroom

Owning an exclusive cloakroom is the inner yearning and pursuit of many women. It not only undertakes the storage function of returning clothes, but also loads the beautiful dreams of countless women. Its exquisiteness is closely related to your charm index. Putting them in a special area to classify and store them will make the home more clean and tidy, which is the perfect embodiment of exquisite life.

The stereotype of many people in the cloakroom is that beauty: approximately equal to impractical, so there is an expression of "not as beautiful as the powerful".

I hope you put aside these stereotyped impressions and prejudices, and taste and accept those cloakrooms that "beautiful" and how "beauty" and "practical" complement each other, and you will gain more!

Open up a five-star cloakroom

Independent life, independent personality

And your clothes also need a separate five-star cloakroom.

Place the clothes according to the seasonal plan, and place the hanging clothes separately according to the length of the clothes. Some all-match clothing for all seasons is placed separately in the same space. You only need to change the clothes in the hanging area when changing seasons. It is very easy to operate.

Integrate a sense of luxury and pyrotechnics

Some people think: high class, it seems that it is not used for living, that is because you have not seen those "worldly smoke and smoke that complements the sense of high class."

If you are an avid fashionista, then this style of cloakroom is more suitable for you, high-level sense, cleanliness and layering coexist, can hold all clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, this kind of high-cold goddess-level cloakroom , Does it make your heart move.

More open and more convenient and practical