Baked Paint Finish For Casegood Furniture

Baked paint finish is a spray paint production process in casegood furniture manufacturing. The method is: on the board(density board or particle board, etc.) that has been sanded to a certain degree of roughness, spray several layers of paint, and then bake at high temperature to cure it. This process has higher requirements on lacquer and production equipment. The advantages of baked paint furniture are glossy, silky smooth to the touch, excellent in moisture-proof and waterproof performance; easy to clean; without oil leakage, without fading, all of which brings convenience to the modern home life.

Due to the high stability, durability, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness of the coating after curing, and after polishing, the surface of the furniture is silky smooth to the touch, baked paint finish is widely used for high-end furniture. Furniture manufacturers generally use medium density board for baked-on sheen furniture. Baked paint finish includes glossy finish, semi-glossy finish, matte finish, UV paint finish, piano-like finish.

1. Gloss Finish

The brightness of the gloss finish is very high, and the gloss can reach more than 95%. It has a mirror-like feeling and can fill the light  indoors. However, the surface is easy to leave fingerprints when touched by hand. It may cause glare when applied to a large area indoors.

2. Semi-Gloss Finish

Semi-gloss finish are generally made from varnishes, which are mixed with an appropriate amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials. They include semi-gloss (gloss at 40-60%) and matte (gloss less than 30%). Semi-gloss finish is classier than gloss finish, and it is more resistant to dirt, and indoor furniture chooses this finish the most.

3. UV Paint Finish

UV paint board is a kind of high-brightness board that is coated with UV paint by roller and then treated with ultraviolet rays. Generally, UV paint board has metal edging.

4. Piano-like Finish

The biggest difference between piano-like finish and other painted finishes is that it has a thick primer layer and the processing technology is more complicated. The gloss, compactness and stability of piano-like finish are much higher than others.

The production process of the baked paint finish:

a. Low temperature baking paint: The curing temperature of low temperature baking paint is 140°C~180°C, and it is rarely used on the market.
b. High temperature baking paint: The curing temperature of high temperature baking paint is 280°C~400°C, which is the most widely used in practice.

The general processing procedure: 

board cutting → sanding→ brushing sealing primer → spray painting / roller painting → entering the baking room → spray painting / roller painting → the baking room → polished → spraying / rolling topcoat → entering the baking room → checking and packaging

The baked paint process is more complicated, the cycle is relatively long, and the requirements for production equipment are high. M&Z Furniture have disposed 6 Cefla automatic spraying painting production lines which is the most advanced in the world until now. It is fully automatic from spraying to drying. And the surface of board is uniform and perfect, which is difficult to achieve by manual spraying. Each Cefla line can complete 3,000 finished furniture in one day.


Since 1989, M&Z Furniture has introduced numbers of world-class leading equipment groups, each set of equipment is equipped with a fully enclosed VOC treatment system to reduce the formation and volatilization of VOCs, and effectively lower the emission of VOCs in furniture.

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