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Furniture Coating

Coating methods can generally be divided into two categories: manual coating and mechanical coating. Manual finishing includes brushing, scraping, rubbing and spraying, etc. It uses finishing tools (such as scrapers, brushes, pens, cotton balls, etc.) to apply paint to the surface of furniture. This method is simple to operate, flexible and convenient to construct. However, the labor intensity is high, the production efficiency is low, and the quality of the paint film mainly depends on the technical level of the operator. Mechanical coating includes spray coating, curtain coating, roller coating and dip coating, etc., mainly using various mechanical equipment or tools for coating. This method has high production efficiency, easy control of coating quality and low labor intensity, but requires special equipment and investment. Large, high energy consumption.

The choice of coating method has a great influence on stabilizing the quality of furniture coating and improving the efficiency of furniture coating. Before designing furniture painting, you should have a full understanding of the principles, characteristics, performance of tools and equipment, painting process conditions and adaptability to the objects to be painted.


Brushing is an ancient and simple traditional painting method. It requires simple tools and has a wide range of applications. It is not limited by the painting site and environmental conditions. It is suitable for painting furniture parts of various shapes and materials. Except for a few quick-drying paints with poor leveling, most furniture coatings can be applied by brush. Brushing can make the paint penetrate into the wood well, thereby increasing the adhesion of the paint film to the wood surface, and the brushing waste is very small, but the efficiency is low, and the finishing quality depends on the operator's technical level and work attitude.


Spraying refers to the application method in which the paint is dispersed and deposited on the surface of the substrate from the spray nozzle of the spray gun. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and good appearance quality. It is suitable for large-scale painting and is the most important way of furniture painting at present.

According to the different principles of paint atomization, furniture spraying can be divided into air spraying, high-pressure airless spraying, air-mixing spraying and electrostatic spraying. Air spraying can be divided into ordinary air spraying and high-flow low-pressure spraying.

(1) Air spraying system Air spraying is to use compressed air to spray through the air nozzle of the spray gun to form a conical vacuum negative pressure area in front of the paint nozzle. A finishing method for forming a continuous and complete coating on the surface of furniture, also known as air pressure spraying. Air spray paint has good atomization effect, good film quality, simple equipment, low investment, convenient operation, and wide adaptability. However, due to the high spray speed of paint (up to 10m/s), the paint mist rebounds and scatters seriously, and the paint transfer efficiency is low, and Pollute the environment and equipment. Air spraying equipment is mainly composed of compressed air supply system (including air compressor, air storage tank, oil-water separator, air supply pipeline and gate valve, pressure regulating device, air hose, etc.), paint supply system (including spray tank, paint storage Tank, mixer, oil supply pipeline, etc.), spraying system (including air pump, spray gun, etc.) and other parts.

(2) High-pressure airless spraying system The high-pressure airless spraying system uses a high-pressure pump to apply a high pressure of 4-40MPa (usually 10-25MPa) to the paint, so that it is sprayed through a narrow nozzle at a high speed of about 100m/s. The air is violently impacted and atomized, and the speed of the paint is reduced to 1.2m/s. The pressure difference makes the paint atomized into fine particles and sprayed onto the surface of the product to form a uniform coating film. Due to the high pressure, high-pressure airless spraying is especially suitable for high-viscosity high-solid paints, and the paint flow rate is large and the production efficiency is high. However, the amount of paint can not be adjusted randomly, the spray flow is large, and the atomization efficiency of the paint is average, so it is not suitable for painting small-area workpieces or thin-layer coatings.

(3) Air-mixed spraying system (Airmix) Air-mixed spraying is also known as air-assisted high-pressure airless spraying (AA, Assistant Airless). Its paint supply system is similar to airless spraying. 4 ~ 10MPa), and then use a small amount of air of 0.05 ~ 0.15MPa to act on both sides of the atomized paint outlet for secondary atomization to improve the atomization effect of the paint. Air-mixed spraying has the dual advantages of airless spraying and air spraying: better atomization efficiency than airless spraying paint film, lower requirements for air compressor motor, and much higher transfer efficiency than air spraying. It is currently recognized as the most environmentally friendly spraying system.

(4) Electrostatic spraying system The essence of electrostatic spraying is to use the corona discharge phenomenon to connect the coated product to the positive electrode of the high-voltage DC electrode (60-100kV), and connect the spray tool to the negative electrode of the electrode, so that the spray tool and the coated product are connected. A high-voltage electrostatic field is generated between them. After the paint is atomized and sprayed by the rotary cup spray gun, it is dispersed into paint particles by centrifugal force and static electricity and is negatively charged. After leveling and drying, a continuous dry solid coating film is formed. Since the paint moves in the electric field and there is an attractive force between the paint and the surface to be painted, the paint loss during spraying is very small and the transfer efficiency is high; however, due to the influence of the Ferrari cage effect, the paint is easily attracted to the outermost end of the paint. , so it is not suitable for products with deep cavities or complex shapes; electrostatic equipment has complex structure, strict installation and operation requirements, prone to fire, and large investment, mainly used in furniture enterprises for mass-produced chairs, pillars, doors, etc. Automatic coating line for products.

(5) Coating system auxiliary equipment In large furniture production enterprises, the central paint supply system will also be used, so that the paint can be uniformly allocated, and the paint quality and some spraying parameters can be controlled. The paint supply system usually has the functions of flow control, paint mixing, and paint insulation. And auxiliary heating and other functions, can be convenient for paint scheduling and deployment.


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