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Recently, the "Best China Furniture Manufacturers - 2022 Chinese Home Furniture And Homeware Review Survey" activity jointly launched by Sina Home Furnishing, China Quality News Network and CCTV Brand Responsibility, came to a successful conclusion. With excellent product quality and perfect service reviews, M&Z Furniture has stood out and won the 2022 consumer report best furniture brand.

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The selection starts from 4 key consumption links and 20 practical issues of household consumption, including consumers' brand awareness, sales process evaluation, installation and delivery, product quality, and after-sales service. Through the centralized statistics of 53,600 questionnaires, the whole process of deep interaction with consumers, the content touch points sink to the production line and laboratory of the enterprise, the entire selection process is fair, just and open. After a vast number of consumers' online questionnaire survey and comprehensive evaluation by more than 1,000 industry experts, designers and home furnishing practitioners, Palm Pearl Home Furnishing has withstood the harsh trials of the market and was listed in the "2022 Home Furnishing Consumer Word of Mouth Survey - Product Quality Satisfaction". Brand" and "2022 Home Furnishing Consumers' Word-of-mouth Survey - Brands on the List of After-sales Service Satisfaction" are also on the list. They are high-quality consumer brands that are truly recognized by the market and consumers.

As a leading furniture brand in a large-scale traditional manufacturing industry for 33 years, Palm Pearl Home Furnishing takes "users, innovation, and kindness" as its core values, and uses a mature product production system and a perfect price gradient system to create a rich whole-house product line, covering the whole house. House custom furniture, overall cabinets, whole house finished products, main decoration materials, whole house soft decoration, etc.

In order to ensure the efficient and high-quality output of furniture products, Palm Pearl has also invested heavily to introduce world-class environmental protection equipment, build dust-free workshops, and build a national CNAS-certified laboratory, which comprehensively guarantees and improves the quality and safety level of products. At the beginning of 2022, Palm Pearl Home has fully upgraded its service system and launched the "Pearl Beautiful Home" customer service brand. Committed to providing consumers with one-stop worry-free services throughout the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, bringing consumers a happier service experience.

consumer report best furniture manufacturer

Founded in 1989, famous as a furniture brand, M&Z Furniture are very competitive in manufacturing and supplying quality and stylish furniture.

Through its leading innovation, advanced manufacturing and product development capabilities, M&Z Furniture supply trend-right products at convincing prices, and serves a wide variety of partners, including exclusive franchisees, mass merchants, specialty stores, discount stores, home centers, warehouse clubs, and internet retailers, e-commerce stores, commercial estate etc.

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Post time: May-23-2022