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Based out of Chengdu, China, M&Z Furniture is a leading furniture manufacturer and B2B supplier of high gloss furniture. With over 30 years of experiences and innovation, being consumer focused and aesthetics driven, M&Z Furniture is known to provide trendy, high quality, long-lasting residential furniture in a diverse selection of styles and a variety of price points over the world.

High gloss furniture feature reflective and silk to the touch coating which requires high end painting equipment and craftsmanship. The quality of the coating process design will directly affect the final quality of the product, the coating cost and the operation efficiency of the coating site, M&Z Furniture pay enough attention on it.

The coating process of a set of products should be roughly determined at the product design stage, especially the coating type, color effect and quality requirements. Before the specific construction, it should be further refined and standardized according to the equipment conditions and technical conditions of the enterprise. Usually, the following aspects should be considered.

(1) Selection of paint categories There are many kinds of paints that can be used for the surface finishing of wooden furniture. Which paint to choose is the first content to be considered in the painting design. There are certain differences in the performance, construction difficulty and price of different coatings. They should be selected according to the product category, quality requirements and application occasions: for example, high-end furniture should use PU coatings with good physical and chemical properties, and public places such as offices should use durable coatings. PE coatings with good grinding performance, flat panels can be given priority to UV coatings that are easy to achieve continuous assembly line operations, NC coatings should be used for American painting, and W coatings with superior environmental protection properties should be used for children's furniture.

(2) To design a good coating variety, a reasonable coating process must be used to achieve its excellent performance. It is required to improve the convenience of coating operations and ensure construction efficiency on the premise of meeting product quality requirements. And the safety of workers, but also the reliability and adjustability of painting quality. Here we mainly consider the problem of "several bottoms and several sides" and the purpose of each coating, as well as the matching drying and sanding methods. Of course, many typical coating processes are relatively mature, and the coating design only needs to make necessary adjustments according to their own characteristics.

(3) Determine the coating method The same process can be achieved by different coating methods, such as wiping, spraying, roller coating, etc. can achieve the effect, but the operating efficiency and the utilization rate of the coating are obviously different. Even for the same spraying operation, there are differences in the coating effect and paint utilization rate when using ordinary air spraying, airless spraying, and air-mixing spraying.

4) Coating allocation and construction parameter setting Coating operations of different processes have different requirements on the ratio, color effect and viscosity of coatings. They should be specifically refined according to the corresponding coating methods and the functions of the process, and corresponding technical parameters should be formulated, especially It is the technical parameters of coating solid content, viscosity, spraying air pressure, spraying method, curing temperature and time. In the process of coloring and painting, strict color matching should be carried out, and the limited color varieties provided by the supplier should be used to prepare various color paints required by the enterprise. Color matching is a delicate technical activity. Coloring personnel should have color mixing knowledge, good color sense and meticulous work attitude, and adjust strictly according to color samples or color palettes, and control the color consistency of different batches of paint. .

(5) Painting quality standard setting There are many painting processes, and each process must meet the corresponding quality standards, otherwise it will affect the operation of the next process and even the painting effect of the entire product, so it is necessary to make detailed production of each process. According to the quality inspection standards of the process, if necessary, make a layered reference template, and use the corresponding process card to manage and supervise the quality of the painting process. Some exported furniture products also require corresponding product testing standards and methods to ensure that the coating quality meets the quality standards of the exporting country, such as cold and heat cycle test, paint film wear resistance test and adhesion test, etc.

Post time: Jun-17-2022