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M&Z Furniture is a famous bedroom furniture brand in China, and one of the specialized and biggest manufacturers and suppliers of ready-to-assemble furniture in the world. Headquartered in Chengdu, M&Z Furniture operate over 2000 locations.

The following products and services are available: hotel furniture, residential furniture, commercial furniture, contract and trade furniture, OEM furniture, ODM furniture etc.

There are no strict boundaries between various finishing techniques, and the effects will be interconnected and intersected. Each finishing effect has the same beauty, different styles and characteristics. The same furniture product using the same kind of wood, using the same paint and using different painting processes, can obtain different painting effects on the surface of the product. Therefore, the selection and design of the specific painting process is very important for the decoration effect of furniture. influences. The following only introduces several commonly used coating processes for readers' reference and understanding.

(1) Opaque coating of MDF furniture Opaque coating refers to the use of opaque coatings to form a uniform color paint film on the surface of the furniture, so as to cover up the texture, color and certain defects of the substrate, showing various Bright colors, to achieve decoration, protection and practical purposes. MDF solid color coating is a typical representative of opaque coating, and the product is often painted with white or other solid color effects, so it is often called color coating. This type of product has no special requirements for surface texture, so MDF plain board can be used directly as the base material, no veneer decoration treatment is required, the machining process is simple, the production efficiency is high, and due to the good processing performance of MDF, it can be easily made. It can produce various shapes, knife shapes and even carving patterns, which are widely used in the production of low-end and medium-end furniture. PU coating or NC coating can be used for solid color coating. Due to the thicker paint film of PU coating and better covering performance than NC, it is widely used in actual production. The technological process is basically the same, and it can be made into two bottoms and one side or two bottoms and two sides. The process flow is: MDF → sealing primer → grinding → primer → grinding → primer → grinding → topcoat → drying. Since solid color coating needs to completely cover the entire substrate, it consumes a lot of paint. Many companies directly sand and paint on the basis of white polyflor (particle board or MDF with melamine-impregnated paper). In this way, the consumption of primer and labor cost can be effectively reduced, the cost of furniture painting can be reduced, and the production efficiency can be improved.

(2) Semi-open and transparent coating of solid wood and veneer veneer furniture Semi-open coating only partially fills the wood pipe holes, which can not only show the natural texture and texture of the wood, but also have better covering properties, and are mostly made of matt thin The coating effect is widely used in high-grade solid wood furniture or veneer veneer furniture. PU coating or NC coating can be used for semi-open coating, but PU coating is widely used as a whole. Tinted finish

(3) Fully open coating of solid wood Fully open coating is basically the same as the semi-open process, except that the fully open does not require hole filling, and the thickness of the bottom paint is relatively thin, and the substrate of the fully open coating is veneer and solid wood. Mainly, such as oak, ash, cherry wood, the effect gloss is between 10% and 20%, the hand feel and transparency are outstanding, the hand feel is dry and delicate, and it can fully express the natural texture of wood. It is widely used in suite furniture, living room furniture, Cabinet furniture is widely used in export furniture. PU coatings and NC coatings can be used for fully open coating. Since fully open coating requires thin coatings, NC coatings are often used in practical applications, and hole filling is required during the coating process.

(4) Sticker furniture transparent coating process Sticker furniture refers to a type of furniture that uses wood grain paper veneer as the base material. Because of its diverse patterns and low cost, it has become the first choice for many panel furniture finishes. There are usually two types. One method is to hot-press the base material before cutting, and the other is to use manual veneer operation during the furniture painting process. The former is only suitable for flat panels, while the latter is suitable for all kinds of complex shapes. products, and thus wider application. Because the surface of the wood-based panel substrate is relatively rough, the surface will be uneven or wrinkled when it is directly pasted. Therefore, in actual production, most of the substrates are first sealed and coated with PU or PE solid color primer before the stickers are applied, and then sprayed. Primer and finish coat

(5) American-style painting effect process American-style painting refers to furniture painting that is suitable for use and popular in Europe and the United States. Due to the influence of the historical background, culture, art and living habits of Western countries such as Europe and the United States, American furniture has a strong European and American style. Its main features are uniform color and strong three-dimensional sense, fully highlighting the true color of wood, reflecting retro and returning to nature, and catering to people's psychological needs of returning to nature. Most of the furniture exported to the United States from my country adopts this type of finishing process, which requires damage treatment on the white base material. In the later stage of the painting, a series of old processes such as spraying dots and oxtails are used to make the appearance of the furniture have a sense of antique for many years. . American-style painting is mostly made of transparent display hole matt finish, which is widely used in export furniture and can be easily operated on the spraying line. Its good craftsmanship and decorative performance make American-style painting more and more popular among furniture companies and domestic consumers. In recent years, it has been widely used in domestic furniture.

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