M&Z was awarded “Top 10 Best Residential Furniture Brands for 2020-2021″

The Fifth China Furniture Brand Conference was held in Guangzhou. At the event, the list of “Top 10 Best Chinese Furniture Brands 2020-2021” was announced. After layers of selection and rigorous review, M&Z Furniture was finally ranked among them and won the “Top 10 Best Chinese Furniture Brands 2020-2021".


The selection took July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021 as an inspection year, and selected ten representative brands with outstanding performance in each segment based on the five criteria of scale, quality, service, channels, and innovation. M&Z Furniture was awarded this title with a strong whole-house product system and complete customization links, marking that we have become a mainstream brand in the whole-house era.

Beginning in 2019, M&Z Furniture started implementing the strategy of “one-stop customization interior design”, using mature finished furniture R&D and production systems, design-driven innovation, and creating a rich product line, covering whole-house custom furniture, a variety of custom cabinets, and finished furniture, main decoration & furnishing etc., are rich in styles and excellent in quality. At the same time, a complete price gradient system was formed, so that consumers having different budgets can purchase satisfactory furniture and custom service.


Founded in 1989, china, M&Z Furniture is one of the nation's biggest and specialized furniture manufacturers. With over 30 years of experiences and innovation, M&Z is known to provide trendy, high quality, long-lasting residential furniture in a diverse selection of styles and a variety of price points in china, Nowadays M&Z start penetrating into world market.

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By M&Z Furniture

Post time: Dec-03-2021