Learn The Production Process Of Casegood Furniture (Wood-Based Panel Furniture) In 5 Minutes!

Casegood furniture is non-upholstered wood furniture, typically referring to the furniture made from wood-based panel. Examples of casegoods include storage cabinets, dining tables, sidebaords, tv consoles, bed frames, nightstands, chests, dressers, bookshelves etc. Common wood-based panels are plywood, laminated board, particle board, medium fiber board(MDF) and so on. Plywood is often used to manfacture furniture that needs to be bent. The performance of laminated board is sometimes affected by the material of the core. Particleboard is loose in material and is only used for manufacturing low-end furniture. The most cost-effective and most commonly used panel is medium-density fiberboard(MDF).

Casegood furniture (panel furniture) has different technological processes due to the difference in surface materials and finishing effects. The main representative categories are: painted panel furniture, veneer furniture, paper finish furniture, solid color panel furniture, melamine board panel furniture, solid wood panel furniture and mixed-finish panel furniture. The technological process of manufacturing panel furniture M&Z Furniture've adopted includes board cutting, veneering, edge banding, slot and hole processing, painting, packaging, and assembly.

The complexity of the process of panel furniture is closely related to the appearance design, structure, materials, and the number of product varieties on the production line. For the drawer bottom, we only need to cut board, while for the front panel of a floor cabinet, the processing of a single panel requires more than 20 procedures to complete.

The main aspects of the M&Z furniture panel production process: E0-E1 grade raw materials, comprehensive and detailed process documents, top class intelligent production equipment group, senior craftsman, and toyota quality and production management system. The punctual delivery of raw materials is the prerequisite and basis of the entire process, while the process documents are the basis of action for the entire process and management activities. M&Z Furniture has the world's leading number of top class intelligent production equipment groups, ensure highly intelligent manufacturing, extremely high processing precision and very fast manufacturing speed, and short delivery time. M&Z Furniture are in line with Toyota quality & production management, including just-in-time, zero-defect, value-added manufacturing, and total quality control. By the following table to understand the production process of M&Z Furniture's casegood furniture.

Procedures Equipment Lines Process Characteristics
board cutting 6 german Homag automatic vertical and horizontal sawing lines the maximum processing speed: 100m/min. equipped with two highly intelligent feeding systems to complete the feeding and processing, they guarantee the precise quality of the size and shape of the boards. each production line can cut more than 8,000 pcs boards a day.
veneering senior craftsmans  veneer color selection-cutting-stitching; board-sanding-cutting;smooth and beautiful grain 
edge binding  10 german Homag automatic four-end edge banding production lines extremely fast, it can finish edge-binding operations on the four sides of a 2.4m board in 3s. many processes are completed by a manipulator at one time, achieving a high degree of automation and intelligence.
 slots and holes drillig  8 11+12 Homag drilling production lines the holes on the upper, lower, and surrounding sides are processed at one time without secondary processing. The more advanced is automatic feeding, shipping, and stacking, which greatly improves production efficiency.
 shaping  several Homag CNC multifunctional machining centers exquisitely processing various types of furniture parts such as milling, polishing, drilling and other processes, especially the processing of special-shaped parts, such as arcs, ellipses and other unconventional parts. during the machining process, the tool switch is automatically completed without manual intervention, and highly intelligent production is realized. it only takes 10s to produce a board of complex shape.
 painting  6 cefla automatic painting lines even and fine, which is difficult to achieve by hand spray. Each line can complete 3000 pieces of sprayed products a da
 inspection Toyota quality management, ISO standardization system, CNAS laboratory inspection guided by customer needs, strictly implement furniture standards higher than national standards to inspect raw materials and finished products to ensure product quality and safety
 packaging  VKV 700 Homag packaging lines top class intelligent packaging machine can pack 300 boxes of furniture per hour and transport them to the corresponding location through the box coding
 assembly  installers structure of panel furniture is standardized, and the assembly is relatively simple. the installer can install it correctly according to the factory-equipped assembly drawings.


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Post time: Jan-05-2022