Social Responsibility

1. Social welfare

M&Z Furniture Co., Ltd. pays attention to social groups and fulfills corporate social responsibilities

Ren. To show public welfare, to spread positive energy, to love infinitely, and to spread love in all parts of the world Yin.

Organize "Fun Children's Day, Love Walk in Hand", "The Pearl in the Palm Spreads Love on the Grass"

Social welfare activities such as "Original", "One Pull One•The Pearl of the Palm Loves and Helps Students, Let the Warmth Continue"

More than ten moves, helping people in need in the process of enterprise development, and letting the society sub-communities Feel love and help.

In the days to come, the pearl in the palm will roll to the ground and will go down, letting more

Many people in need of help strive for the warmth of "where there is a home, there is a jewel in the palm".

2. Protection

M&Z Furniture forms sustainable and healthy development

The development method of environmental protection, the construction of a win-win industrial ecosystem, and the sustainable development of environmental protection

The exhibition will benefit the society.

The living environment of M&Z Furniture Co., Ltd. since its establishment is derived from the treatment of organic waste gas

There is no systematic guide, the company chose the advanced equipment at the time, and rejected it in 2016.

Invested more than 400 to introduce low temperature and other waste gas treatment equipment, and spent more than 500,000 in 2017 Yuan introduced ultraviolet purification equipment.

The company is at the forefront of the industry in terms of environmental protection, and was the first to use low-temperature plasma in 2016.

In 2017, the first-line UV light purification and purification equipment was used in Sichuan and Chengdu.

With the pleasure of the association, the association has organized thousands of people to M&Z to learn about environmental governance.

Mingzhu's intentions for the survival and development of the enterprise, and for more efficient and thorough VOCs

For the needs of waste gas treatment, the company is currently under construction in the international power grid zeolite runner + heat storage induction production

Chemical combustion VOCs treatment plan, set up with low-temperature plasma and UV light pollution treatment Prepared.

M&Z Company is also the first domestic furniture industry to use zeolite runner + regenerative catalytic combustion

The innovative concept of VOCs generated in the production process of the furniture industry by technological enterprises, showing

The role of paradigm.

After the zeolite runner + regenerative combustion VOCs ecosystem runs, the runner treatment rate is high

At 95%, the RCO permeability is 95%, and the VOCs concentration of the system smoke exhaust can actually be Up to 30mg/m

Remote local standards for waste gas treatment capacity of waste gas treatment projects, VOCs

5-10 years of environmental governance, achieving light pollution and in-depth governance

The development direction of Pearl Company is based on the concept of "Red Pilot, Green Intelligent Manufacturing", and everyone

Blue sky.

While using international environmental protection equipment, the company has carried out a "noble"

Add greenery and color---Remember that the people of M&Z will participate in the Arbor Day activities", let employees participate in environmental protection work,

Let the concept of environmental protection take root in the hearts of the people.

3. Employee Care

Pearl Company listens to the role of employees, and deepens the spiritual and cultural life of employees to improve

At work, create a caring and loving working hours for employees; in life,

Solve the actual difficulties of employees. The Pearl of the Hand has always been improving and speeding up the fighting ability of employees.

Invest in happy work and help employees realize the growth of personal value.

1. Work

The company has a sound training system for new recruits, and ideological building is the same as capacity training.

To help new employees remit money to the company quickly.

In every Ming Lean Conference exhibited by the company, the relevant personnel who put forward proposals for excellence will be introduced.

Consciousness, a platform and space for employees who have innovative thinking and lean thinking.

2. Life

Pearl Company gets more employees, lunch in the cafeteria, and "love" for the establishment of the enterprise

Fund", when employees encounter difficulties, employees can get assistance from the Love Fund. Every September,

When employee students are admitted to key universities, they can receive 10 to our Pearl of Scholarship

Gold, employees with family difficulties can also apply for the Pearl Scholarship. One year's Spring Festival, I

Our company also sent a special 600 yuan Chinese New Year parental condolences to the parents of employees, thank you

Our parents' understanding of raising their children and their understanding of the business.

M&Z Furniture Commitment Co., Ltd. has performed social welfare and environmental protection in 2017

Social responsibilities such as care and employee care.