Space Secret: Tatami

Who is the handle of the storage world?

Why other people’s lives can always be calm and relaxed, opening a beautiful day to the sun and morning, and your home is always messy like a hard-hit area, and even friends are embarrassed to take it home.

In fact, you only have one handle in the storage world-tatami.

Tatami bed + wardrobe + bookshelf

If you need to integrate a bedroom, a study room, and a wardrobe, you can install a wardrobe, bookshelf and desk at the head or foot of the tatami bed. Such a tatami room can not only be full of storage and storage, but can also be used for office reading.

A small space, but full of functions, allows the space to be used to the utmost.

Ready to transform for you anytime

Tatami mats with lift tables meet the needs of most modern families. The lifting platform is raised, and the room is instantly converted into a waiting room, which can be used to have a tea break, and is more suitable for playing cards and playing mahjong. Lowering the lifting platform can be used as a children’s playroom or guest room, and it is also a must-have product for daily self-cultivation.

Guards storage function

Tatami with powerful storage function can make the space more clean and tidy. Outside drawers, upper flip storage compartments, bedside storage cabinets, bedside bookcases and wardrobes, covering a large area of ​​storage space, you can store the entire home's items in. , The sky-defying tatami design saves more than 5 square meters.